The Tamil Eelam football team was first created in 2001, on the island of Sri Lanka for players based in the north east of the island. Most notably they played against the Sri Lankan police team as well as other local teams. They were not able to travel abroad and due to restrictions placed on the team, it collapsed in 2007. Another Tamil Eelam national football team was created in 2008 by the Tamil community based in the UK, that team too became inactive after a couple of games.

The current Tamil Eelam national football team was created by Global Tamil Youth League, on 8 April 2012. Jana Sadacharalingam, a Canadian based former semi-pro player, proposed the idea at the GTYL AGM in 2012. Since then, the current team has played over 24 international matches and competed in 3 international championships. The first one was the 2012 VIVA World Cup which took place in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. The second one was the inaugural CONIFA World Championship which was hosted by Sapmi, Sweden. The most recent one was the 2018 CONIFA World Championship which was hosted by Barawa and took place in London, UK.

Tamil Eelam also competed in the Tynwald Hill Tournament hosted by Ellan Vannin in 2013 and the Unity Cup in 2016 co-hosted by TEFA and TYO UK. Finishing third and first respectively.

CONIFA have cancelled the 2020 CONIFA World Championship, which Tamil Eelam were to take part in, due to the unprecedented disruption of the coronavirus pandemic.

Most appearances

Goalkeeper: Umaesh Sundaralingam, 9 caps

Defender: Kevin Nagendra, 10 caps

Midfielder: Panushanth Kulenthiran, 12 caps

Forward: Prashanth Ragavan & Givinthan Navaneethakrishnan, 15 caps each

Top goalscorer: Prashanth Ragavan, 12 goals

வீரம் – ஒற்றுமை – முன்னேற்றம்

Tamil Eelam FA is a member of CONIFA, an umbrella organisation for Football Associations outside FIFA. Tamil Eelam FA provides an opportunity for the Tamil community to showcase their love for football on a global stage. TEFA believes that everyone deserves an equal opportunity.

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