Who we are

One nation, one team, one dream.

Tamil Eelam Football Association also known as TEFA was created by the Global Tamil Youth League (GTYL) in April 2012. We are proud to recruit and grow talented players within our community; and establish Tamil Eelam’s national football team on a global platform among the international football community. TEFA is a member of the Confederation of Independent Football Associations, CONIFA; and currently manage both the Men’s and Women’s National Football teams of Tamil Eelam who compete in non-FIFA competitions hosted by CONIFA.

Our History


In 2003, the Tamil Eelam Football Team was first established in Killinochi, Tamil Eelam. The team consisted of talented players predominantly from the North and East who competed against many local teams within the country. The Tamil Eelam Football team retired in 2007 as a result of many restrictions within the country which ultimately prevented them from playing on an international platform.


The Global Tamil Youth league was a not-profit organisation that was established by Tamil youths across the globe with a vision to unite, and grow the Tamil community. Tamil youth all around the world have demonstrated excellence in various platforms such as academics, athletics and the arts. The Tamil diaspora has also strongly committed to issues of human rights and advocacy. The Global Tamil Youth was created to empower such youth and to nurture their talents by uniting them under one umbrella. Although the Tamil Community reside in different parts of the world, the Tamil culture, history, language and identity brings us together. Tamil Eelam Football Association was re-established in April 2012 by the Global Tamil Youth League (GTYL).

வரீம் – ஒற்றுமை – வளர்ச்சி

Who we are

tamil eelam announces womens national team

On October 21st, 2022, history was made as the inaugural Tamil Eelam National Women’s Team Trials took place in Bern, Switzerland. The event drew talented players from across Europe, all vying for a chance to represent their homeland on the international stage. Spearheading the trials was none other than TEFA Women’s Team Head Coach, Theepan.A, whose expertise and guidance proved invaluable throughout the selection process.

Our Mission

Tamil Eelam Football Association’s mission is to promote the development of the game amongst all ages, gender and abilities within the Tamil global community. A strong professional game is fundamental to creating interest in football at the grassroot level. TEFA is proud to have announced the establishment of our Women’s team in 2022 and will strive to create a Tamil Eelam Futsal and Para team as part of its strategic plan to ensure the game is available to as many people as possible; as well as the creation of an Under 19 team for each senior team. The FA will ensure a strong relationship with other organizations that hold an interest in the development of football among the community