The wait is over and the Tamil Eelam National Football Men’s Team will be participating in the CONIFA Asia Cup 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal this weekend. The Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA) proudly announces the commencement of the highly anticipated CONIFA Asia Cup 2023. With a legacy of promoting the game, we are thrilled to participate with top-tier teams from across the globe for an extraordinary display of skill, passion, and camaraderie. CONIFA is an international football confederation for teams not part of FIFA, with affiliates within states, partially recognized states, regions, and minority groups. TEFA’s Men’s Team will participate the in the CONIFA Asia Cup 2023 as qualifiers for the 2024 CONIFA World Cup. The CONIFA World Football Cup 2024 will be hosted by three cities in Kurdistan (Erbil, Duhok, and Slejmani). 16 teams from all over the world will be selected in 2023.

Kicking off on August 3rd, 2023 with a press conference, the tournament will run until August 8th, 2023, providing days of heart-stopping action and unforgettable moments. The matches will be held at a stadium in Alcochete, south of Lisbon, Portugal. Featuring a line-up of international teams such as Tamil Eelam FA, Tibet NSA, and Hmong FF; this football extravaganza guarantees a fierce competition. The best athletes in the sport will showcase their prowess, making this a sporting event like no other.

The vision of the Tamil Eelam FA is to promote football as a profession among the Tamil community and showcase our abilities on an international stage. Tamil Eelam Football Association’s vision is to promote the development of the game amongst all ages, gender, and abilities in terms of participation and quality within the Tamil community.
This also involves promoting the availability of the sport to the greatest possible number of people. CONIFA is hosting a Press Conference on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2023 where the delegates of each participating team will be present. TEFA will release the list of the final squad before its first scheduled match. We look forward to taking part in the 2023 CONIFA Asia Cup.

Tournament Day Schedule
3rd August, Thursday: Press conference 9:15 PM CET
4th August, Friday: Tamil Eelam v Hmong FF, kickoff: 7 PM CET
5th August, Saturday: Hmong FF v Tibet NSA, kickoff: 7 PM CET
6th August, Sunday: Tibet NSA v Tamil Eelam FA, kickoff: 7 PM CET, followed by a Press Conference at 9.30 PM CET 7th August, Monday: Cultural Day (Climate Action Hour, Lunch and recreational activities)
8th August, Tuesday: FINAL (1st – 2nd team in group), kickoff: 6 PM CET
followed by Award Ceremony at 8.30 PM CET

Media coverage plays a crucial role in spreading the passion for football to a global audience. The CONIFA Asia Cup 2023 will be streamed live on CONIFATV free for all audiences,

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